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Hi, my name is James Taylor, I’m a home inspector in the Seattle Washington area and I conduct home inspections throughout King, County. When you are ready to schedule an appointment be sure call 1-888-748-4663


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Seattle, Washington, home of wonderful communities, shopping, city parks, tall buildings, an abundance of fine art, culture, music, breath-taking views, and a thriving population, can be your new home too!  Now that you have found your dream home in this dream-worthy city, it is time for the ever important task of finding a local company with Qualified Seattle home inspectors, that can help you when purchasing your new house.

Inexpensive Insurance | Home Inspection Seattle, WA

Although, there are some overpriced Seattle Home Inspectors in the area, the price of the home inspection is still small in comparison to the cost of buying a home with blinders on.  You need to know if there are major concerns with the home prior to you purchasing it. Knowing you will not have any major hidden costs provides Peace of Mind.    Knowing how much time the roof has left and if the electricity and plumbing meet current safet building standards is curcial to the purchase of your home.  A home inspection, given by a certified professional home inspector, can give you this Peace of Mind.  I am sure you are aware of having your home inspected or you would not be on this website to begin with.

Don’t Get Suckered Into Spending To Much

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Over the past 16 years I have seen the average prices Seattle home inspectors charge.

  • Homes up to 3000 sq ft will typically run approximately $350 -$375
  • Condos run approximately $270 to $350+. Depending on size and type.
  • Mobile homes $300 to $350.

Keep in mind there is no set prices that a home inspection company will charge so the numbers can jump excessively higher depending on the Seattle home inspectors you call.

In my opinion an  excessively over priced inspector (someone charging $100+ more than the above mentioned prices) is more concerned about taking your money then making sure you get a good inspection.  Don’t get suckered into thinking spending more than the amount mentioned above means you will receive better service.

Although, we all have to make a living, when I see overpriced inspectors I can’t help but thinks they are more concerned about the money then they are about the buyers interest. You need a company that works for you.

Don’t Get Suckered Into Using Budget Seattle Home Inspectors

Try not cut costs on having the home inspected. The budget inspector knows full and well what other inspectors charge. It really doesn’t matter why his prices are to low. What matters is this… Imagine your boss called you in his office and said he was going to pay you half what your co-worker is paid, then told you there would never be any bonus and there would never be any chance for a raise. Would this make you work harder than your co-worker or would it make you want to put less effort into your job?  Keep that in mind when shopping around.

A few hundred dollars invested now will protect your investment of thousands down the road. Money well spent can save you time, and  heartbreak in the future. Your Seattle home investment is a great move, now its time for an equally great move by only excepting the best certified Seattle home inspectors to help you. Be sure to call Subject2inspection before you sign on that dotted line.

The Beautiful City Of Seattle, WA

Seattle, Washington is one of the largest cities in the state.  It covers approximately 84 sq miles, had a population of 612,000 in 2010, bringing it to over 7000 people per square mile.  There is still plenty of beauty to be had in this city, with the mountains and valleys nearby and wildlife just a short drive away.   Average yearly rainfall is around 36 inches, high temperatures in the summer are in the upper 70’s and in the winter below freezing days hover around 15 for the winter season.  Bus and train systems offer convenient commuting for those who don’t want the hassle of driving. The city is alive with not only picturesque wildlife and landscapes but a thriving and growing population which has access to many different housing options, thriving arts and culture outlets, shopping, education, and recreational activities.  A thriving tourist bloodline helps keep the city going and helps contribute to the diverse demographics of the city.  Whether a family or individual, if you are looking for a new start in a beautiful, thriving, entertaining city, then Seattle is the place for you!

If you have already put in a offer and would like to schedule your Home Inspection Seattle, WA. be sure to visit the front page of this site by clicking here. I look forward to working with you.


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